Mission Statement:

We are law students with academic and professional interests in the criminal law field. Our goal is to provide opportunities for Santa Clara Law students to network with professionals and other students, to learn more about the field of criminal law, and to experience the different perspectives of those within the criminal law arena. We also provide resources and support for those interested in pursuing a career in criminal law.

2019-2020 Officers:

Co-President Emily Wingett ewingett@scu.edu
Co-President Aaron Rojas amrojas@scu.edu
Co-VP Kat Hupke khupke@scu.edu
Co-VP Sharine Xuan sxuan@scu.edu
Treasurer Preston Brock plbrock@scu.edu
Secretary Rebekah Fitzgerald rfitzgerald@scu.edu
Senior Board Member Farouq “Vince” Ghazzawi (fghazzawi@scu.edu
Junior Board Member Alana Wilson afwilson@scu.edu
Junior Board Member Jason Chulack jchulack@scu.edu
Junior Board Member Pedro Naveiras pnaveiras@scu.edu
Junior Board Member Kristine Seuylemezian kseuylemezian@scu.edu
Junior Board Member Nahzaneen Yasin nyasin@scu.edu
1L Rep Angad Singh asingh12@scu.edu
1L Rep Angela Madrigal amadrigal@scu.edu
1L Rep Jaleena Evans jevans2@scu.edu
1L Rep Miriam Contreras mrcontreras@scu.edu

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General Email: CLSatSCU@gmail.com

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2019-2020