Mission Statement:

ChIPs is a 501(c)(3) corporation with over 1,500 members dedicated to advancing women at the confluence of technology, law and policy. It has the dual purpose of increasing diversity and inclusion in these fields as well as accelerating the progress of technological innovation that benefits our society. This SCU student chapter is the very first ChIPs student chapter. We are dedicated to connecting ChIPs student members with professional members and advancing the organization’s mission.

LSO Email: chips@scu.edu


Co-Presidents: Allison White and Sonya Aggarwal

External Vice Presidents: Karin Hjorth and Elaine Chou

Internal Vice Presidents: Gloria Liang and Lukhan Baloch

Co-Secretaries: Caitlin Mitchell and Melanie Khosravi

Treasurer: Lauryn Younge

Events Coordinator: Gina Santoni

Co-Communications Chairs: Alexandra Koseva and Monica Rosenkranz

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2018-2019