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The Blockchain and Compliance Legal Society (BCLS) facilitates the intersection of Blockchain (including but not limited to cryptocurrency) and legal compliance. BCLS aims to:

  1. Increase student awareness and involvement in the emerging Blockchain-related legal field;
  2. Contribute to the career decisions of students interested in Blockchain compliance;
  3. Be a vehicle for entry into the Blockchain industry;
  4. While, providing connections to Blockchain professionals including (but not limited to) Santa Clara University School of law Alumni.

2020-2021 Officers

President Gustavo Alza
Executive Vice President Aaron Bisla
Vice President of External Operations & Compliance Arya Azizi
Vice President of Internal Operations Jonathan Collins
Vice President of Production Joseph Sell
Vice President of Marketing & Advertising Isabella Perello
Vice President of Data Management Dillon Cho
2L Rep Ricky DeHerrera

On-Boarding Form

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2020-2021