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The purpose of the BCLS is to educate the Santa Clara University community about Blockchain Technology, prepare Santa Clara University School of Law students for the high-tech legal landscape of the future, and be a springboard for entry into the blockchain legal field, by:

  1. Enjoying the developing legal landscape of the Blockchain Industry
  2. Cultivating student interest and knowledge of Blockchain Technology
  3. Exposing students to Blockchain Technology and the crypto legal field
  4. Developing and supporting a Blockchain & Compliance Certificate
  5. Connecting law students with Blockchain professionals in Silicon Valley and beyond


The BCLS recognizes the innate balance of powers implicated in decentralized systems. Lawyers fulfill an integral role in advising clients to optimize the balance of decentralization and centralization in their business organizations and activities. Centralized systems can relinquish partial control to allow decentralized principles to promote democracy and civil liberty through harnessing the blockchain-enabled powers of immutability, auditability, and automation. The BCLS believes striking the optimal balance between centralization and decentralization means a balance promoting democracy and civil liberty.

2022 – 2023 Board Members

President Calvin Hall
Vice President Claire Nelson
Treasurer Erik McDonnell
Education Officer Tyler Peltekci
External Relations Officer Nathan Hoffman
Compliance Officer Daniel Xiao
Data Management Officer Alden Butier
Class Representatives Arrington Brendle
Class Representatives Pauline Loyola
Class Representatives Chirayu Biyani

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