Gary G. Neustadter


Contracts. (2001-) (Electronic casebook for a first year course in Contracts. Published annually since 2001. Only available to students registered in Neustadter's Contracts section.) | Link to Full Text

U.C.C. Article 9, 2002. (2002) (Electronic casebook)

Consensual Liens on Personal Property and Fixtures under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. (2000) (Electronic casebook)

Secured Debt with Mertens. (1996) (Electronic casebook)


Some Beginnings in a Humanistic Approach to Legal Education in Essays on the Application of a Humanistic Perspective to Law Teaching. Project for the Study and Application of Humanistic Education in Law. Columbia University School of Law (1981) (Series: Humanistic Education in Law: Monograph III)


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2005: A Consumer Bankruptcy Odyssey, 39 Creighton Law Review 225-355 (2006) | Link to Digital Commons

When Lawyer and Client Meet: Observations of Interviewing and Counseling Behavior in the Consumer Bankruptcy Law Office, 35 Buffalo Law Review 177-284 (1986) | Link to Digital Commons

The New California Exemptions in Bankruptcy: A Constitutional Reprise, 15 Pacific Law Journal 1-18 (1983) | Link to Digital Commons

Consumer Insolvency Counseling for Californians in the 1980's, 19 Santa Clara Law Review 817-918 (1979) | Link to Digital Commons

The Role of the Judiciary in the Confrontation with the Problems of Environmental Quality, 17 UCLA Law Review 1070-1100 (1970) | Link to Digital Commons

Other Articles

Facilities and Curriculum, 3 Law Alumni Newsletter (Santa Clara, Calif.) 4 (Fall 1989) (Special Edition issue.)

Choice and Responsibility in Life as a Lawyer, 6 The Advocate (Santa Clara, Calif.) 6-8 (August 1980) (Issue mis-numbered as v.6 No.2)

Humanistic Education, 4 The Advocate (SCU Law School Periodical) 11 (February 1979)