Summer Abroad: Human Rights in the Americas

Catalog No.: 939

Course Description:

Site visits include:
*Meeting with union attorneys and workers who are suffering labor rights violations in banana and pineapple plantations
*Meeting with rural communities who lack basic access to clean water
*Visiting local human rights organizations
*Participating in a hearing before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

The Costa Rica program in human rights takes advantage of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and numerous human rights organizations which are located in San José, Costa Rica. Our three-week human rights course provides a broad, general overview of the international human rights system, before drilling deeper to explore human rights within the inter-American system.

The course introduces students to public international law, the origins and scope of the international human rights movement, global enforcement mechanisms and institutions – with a focus on the United Nations human rights system, covering treaty-based and Charter-based human rights institutions. Students examine both the law and politics of regional human rights through the lens of the inter-American system. These international human rights classes are taught in English Monday-Thursday. We also offer Spanish language instruction and a cultural immersion program at no additional charge. The final exam will be administered in-class at the end of the course, and will be a combination of multiple choice questions, short answers, and short essays.

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