Summer Abroad: Human Rights: Forced Migration Law and International Environmental Law.

Catalog No.: 883

Course Description:

Our academic program will focus on two issues of tremendous current global importance – forced migration and international environmental law. In terms of forced migration law, we will study refugee law, as well as relief for victims of trafficking in persons, torture, crime, and war, and environmental factors in migration flows. In terms of international environmental law, we will study topics such as climate change law, the right to water, environmental justice, and indigenous law and land rights. We will also make numerous site visits to Australian courts and legal institutions and have the opportunity for discussion with Australian judges and lawyers. And we will make time for a weekend trip to an Australian wildlife park and the beautiful Blue Mountains. Evaluation is based on class participation and on a final written exam.

Typical Site visits include:
*Observation of refugee hearings in Australian courts
*Australian Human Rights Commission
*Aboriginal Legal Services Office
*Federal Court of Australia
*The criminal courts of New South Wales
*Legal Aid of New South Wales
*Department of Public Prosecutions
*Environmental Defenders Organization

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