Panetta Fellows Externship

Catalog No.: 523

Course Description:

The Panetta Fellowship Program is a joint venture between Santa Clara University School of Law and the Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy in Monterey, California. The Panetta Fellowship Program was developed to provide an educational opportunity for law students interested in the law and government, political science, or public policy to work with Leon and Sylvia Panetta, and other professional staff at The Panetta Institute, on matters within the public mission and service of the Institute. Students will complete 140 hours of field work at The Panetta Institute focusing on the area of law and public policy under the guidance and supervision of School of Law alumnus Leon Panetta and the staff at the Institute, and attend regular meetings with the Director of Law Externship Programs or another member of the School  of Law faculty throughout the semester of participation in the Program. Graded credit/no credit only.


Panetta Fellowship Fall 2022