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Course Description:

This course offers students the opportunity to explore the practice of negotiation. One goal of the course is to make you a more knowledgeable observer of the negotiation process, enabling you to understand what the various negotiators are doing and why. Another goal is to help you to acquire and improve your own negotiation skills so that you can effectively achieve your objectives. Both goals tie into the overarching goal, for those who will practice law and represent others, of making you a better lawyer who can effectively represent, protect and satisfy your clients’ interests in any negotiation process. Ethical considerations will be addressed throughout the course. Moreover, all of us are required to negotiate not only in our roles as lawyers representing clients but also in other aspects of our lives. A positive bonus effect of this course is generally to help students to be more effective in a variety of personal and business negotiation contexts.


Negotiating Spring 2022
Negotiating Spring 2022