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Course Description:

The Santa Clara Law Review is a legal periodical edited and published by Santa Clara University law students. Law Review membership is open to upper-divison students who maintain a 3.00 GPA and successfully complete a candidacy program. Each board of student editors serves a one-year term and publishes four issues of the Law Review. Law Review membership is a rewarding educational experience that helps students refine their legal research, writing, and analytical skills, and affords a unique opportunity to work with legal professionals and faculty members. The primary objective of the Santa Clara Law Review is to provide a practical research tool for practicing California attorneys, members of the judiciary, scholars, and law students.The Law Review informs its subscribers of emerging legal trends and developments and presents new approaches to the analysis of current legal problems. Each issue contains articles contributed by legal professionals, law professors, and student editors. By providing a quality resource to the legal community, the Santa Clara Law Review brings prestige to both the School of Law and its graduates. The Law Review publishes a candidate handbook that provides details of the candidacy program. Interested students should attend the information sessions held each semester to receive a copy of the handbook and to learn more about the candidacy process.