KGACLC Immigration Interviewing and Advising

Catalog No.: 469

Course Description:

Students counsel clients in the general advice immigration clinic on all aspects of immigration law including political asylum and deportation. In the VAWA (Violence Against Woment Act) advice clinics, students advise immigrant victims of domestic violence. Students interested in interviewing clients with political asylum, VAWA (battered immigrant spouses and children), U Visa (victims of particularly serious crimes), and T Visa (victims of human trafficking) claims MUST also register for the 1-unit credit/no credit course on trauma and working with traumatized clients (Health Law 418B). This one-unit course will be offered at the Law Center. Students who are unable to register for this one-unit course will be able to interview clints with non-trauma immigration cases such as relative petitions, citizenship, and other types of deportation defense cases. Students may not take more than one interviewing and advising class without the prior approval of the instructors. Graded Credit/No Credit.