Juvenile Justice Topics: Leadership Training

Catalog No.: 531

Course Description:

Welcome to Juvenile Justice Topics: Leadership Training! This course is for students who have completed Juvenile Justice Topics: Practical Applications by volunteering to facilitate the FLY Law Program, a law-related education and life skills course for at-risk youth. Former volunteers who would like to become the Lead Facilitator at a FLY Law Program site can receive credit through this course. Contact the course instructor if you have completed Juvenile Justice Topics: Practical Applications and you would like to become a site Lead. 


For students who have not volunteered with FLY and would like to receive credit for volunteering for the first time, you may enroll in Juvenile Justice Topics: Practical Applications. For more information, visit flyprogram.org.  Students must apply for the Facilitator position with Fresh Lifelines for Youth and be accepted as a Facilitator in order to enroll in and receive credit for the course.  For questions visit flyprogram.org or contact Vianni Garcia at vianni@flyprogram.org.