International Human Rights

Catalog No.: 440

Course Description:

This course on International Human Rights is taught as an interactive and lively seminar that triggers thought-provoking analysis of the most significant and current trends in the field of human rights and international relations. The course will acquaint students with every significant aspect of this critical field as seen through multiple lenses: social, cultural, religious, political and economic factors that shape the global implementation of human rights. As a foundation, students will gain some understanding of the barriers to universal applicability of human rights by studying thought-provoking debates concerning cultural and religious relativism, and the double standards in human rights enforcement and implementation triggered by political and economic factors. The course covers , among other topics, the United Nations human rights system, regional human rights systems, domestic litigation, and mechanisms for the implementation of human rights including through the advocacy efforts of NGOs. Wherever possible, the course will focus on current domestic and international topics. Grading is based on a series of short papers and presentations, as well as class participation. There is no final examination. 


International Human Rights Spring 2022