International Externship

Catalog No.: 355

Course Description:

Students learn about the functioning of lawyers in an international legal environment through practical experience in law offices, government entities, NGOs, and commercial entities outside of the United States. Student’s work experience is critically examined utilizing guided reflections directed by the course instructor. Students work under the direct supervision of a licensed lawyer in the country of the externship. Students work a minimum of 50 hours per unit, up to a maximum of 12 units for full semester externships. Students must attend at least one orientation session prior to the start of the externship. Students are required to maintain time records, reviewed and certified by the externship supervisor, reflecting the student’s time spend in the placement. All units are granted as CR/NC, and students are evaluated by their externship sponsors. Pre-requisite course is Pleading and Civil Procedure (114). Students must have received a grade of “C” or better in Pleading and Civil Procedure (114), and must submit a positive written evalution from the LARAW instructor. Externship placement are subject to availability.