Criminal Justice Externship : Criminal Defense

Catalog No.: 591B

Course Description:

Credit/No Credit. Pre- or Co-Requisite: Evidence (320) Class will meet at the Public Defender Office. Enrollment is by application only. Applications available in the Law Student Services Office and at Criminal Justice Internship Defense Clinic Form. Students will be placed at the Santa Clara County Public Defender Office where they will work on real cases with real clients under the supervision of a senior attorney. Students will conduct arraignments, pre-trial conferences, the motion calendar and, if possible, a trial. Students need to be able to commit 2 full days at the PD office. The lessons learned in this clinic will be invaluable for any students who expect to practice in the criminal justice system. Students may not participate in this clinic while working in law enforcement or in the district attorneys office due to the conflict of interest it presents. This class meets the Professional Skills requirement.