Civil Practice, High Tech, and Social Justice Externship I

Catalog No.: 590

Course Description:

Students learn about the functioning of lawyers through practical experience in law offices, governmental entities, nonprofit corporations, or high-tech companies. Students work under the direct supervision of a lawyer or individual otherwise qualified to supervise legal work. Students can earn up to 6 units, with 1 unit for every 50 hours of approved work. The Externship includes observation of/or participation in several of the following activities: interviewing and counseling; fact and law investigation and organization; resolution of client problems in non-adversarial contexts (e.g., drafting contracts, tax advice, estate planning); resolution of client problems in an adversarial context (e.g., negotiation, court appearances in various proceedings, drafting of litigation documents); internal office affairs (e.g., file management, client communications). Students must concurrently register for and successfully complete the Externship Workshop (706). Course credit will be awarded only upon satisfactory completion of both the externship and the Workshop. Graded Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: