Advanced International Human Rights Clinic A

Catalog No.: 728A

Course Description:

Enrollment in this course is limited to those students who successfully complete Course No. 727 (International Human Rights Clinic), and subject to the Clinic Director’s approval.
Students enrolled in this advanced course will continue to work on previous human rights clinic projects and are expected to act as team leaders. They may also be assigned to new projects or be asked to help develop future clinic projects. This advanced clinic is designed to help students further develop their leadership and case management skills, with particular emphasis on time-management, interviewing, fact-finding, documenting, monitoring, and drafting. The advanced clinic will also provide students with the opportunity to have in-depth discussions of the human rights law that is relevant to their projects. Finally, advanced clinic students are likely to participate in some form of fieldwork, which may include travel abroad.
Students must register for 2 units of academic credit, which will be graded. This is the “A” portion of the course. Additionally, students may register for up to 2 additional units that are not graded (credit/no credit). This is the “B” portion of the course. Each unit represents 50 hours of course work per semester, including classroom time. All students must attend regular classroom sessions once each week for an hour and forty minutes and participate in periodic team meetings outside of regular classroom sessions. Classroom lectures and discussion will focus on substantive human rights law, legal skills, and review of ongoing cases and projects. Students are expected to lead group discussions of ongoing cases and projects.