Advanced California Tax Appeals Assistance Clinic

Catalog No.: 342A

Course Description:

Enrollment in this course is limited to those students who have successfully completed the California Tax Appeals Assistance Clinic (LAW 342), and subject to the instructor’s approval. This course will be taught by Edward G. Heidig (Lecturer in Law).

Students enrolled in this advanced course will continue to work on clinic cases. They may also be assigned to new cases and/or projects.

 This advanced clinic is designed to help students further develop their professional lawyering skills, with particular emphasis on case management, time-management, interviewing, fact-finding, documenting, monitoring, and drafting documents. Students register for 2 units of academic credit, which will be evaluated credit/no credit and fulfill 50 hours per unit consisting of casework and meetings.  Students must participate in mandatory weekly meetings with the instructor to discuss their cases in depth.

This course meets the Public Interest and Social Justice Law Certificate.

 Prerequisites: Successful completion of California Taxpayers Appeals Assistance Clinic (LAW 342) and instructor’s  approval.