Wayne State University Law School is hosting the fourth annual Jaffe Transactional Law Invitational tentatively scheduled for March 25, 2021. This competition is a simulated M&A deal and includes drafting, revising, and negotiating the transaction agreements. The hypothetical problem will be distributed in January 2021. Student drafts and live negotiations will be judged by experienced M&A attorneys who will provide constructive feedback and practical insight. 

Each law school will be limited to one team of 2-3 students, only two of whom will participate in the live negotiations. Each team may be assisted by students and a coach in drafting and preparing for the live negotiations and other backgrounds/prep activities. If you would like to form a team, please complete this form before September 15, 2020. We will send all interested students more information and finalize the Santa Clara Law team by the end of September.

If you have questions about the competition, please contact the student chairs at Wayne State: Lindsey LaForest, lindseylaforest@wayne.eduMadison Light, madisonlight@wayne.edu