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NCIP Legal Director Linda Starr Discusses Flawed FBI Testimony in Interview with KSRO Newstalk Radio

NCIP Legal Director Linda Starr interviewed with 1350 KSRO Newstalk of Sonoma County on Tuesday morning to explicate upon the Justice Department and FBI’s recent acknowledgment that for over a two-decade period before 2000, almost all examiners in an elite

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Exoneree Kirk Bloodsworth to Receive NCIP’s 2015 Cookie Ridolfi Freedom Award

Kirk Bloodsworth, the first death row inmate to be exonerated based on DNA testing, will be honored at NCIP’s eighth annual Justice for All awards dinner on March 12, 2015. In 1984, Bloodsworth was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death

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Southern California Man Released After Serving 36 Years in Prison

Michael Hanline, California’s longest-serving wrongfully convicted inmate, was released from Ventura County Superior Court on November 24th after serving 36 years behind bars for a wrongful murder conviction. In 1978, Ventura resident J.T. McGarry, a friend and associate of Hanline,

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