1. How do I reserve a table in the Mabie Grand Atrium?

  • Student Groups may reserve table space in one of three areas in the Mabie Grand Atrium to sell event tickets or to promote other activities.
  • Guidelines, signage, and reservations can be found on the Tabling Sign-up Sheet.

2. How do I order tables and chairs if my event is not in Charney?

3. How do I schedule an event and reserve a location in Charney?

  • To add an event, go to the Master Calendar (http://emery.scu.edu/calendar/), click on “+Post Your Event” and fill out the requested information.
  • Fill in the address with the room number you are requesting or indicate number of people you are anticipating. A comparable room will be assigned if that room is unavailable.
  • Follow-up with an email to Jan Lam (jslam@scu.edu) to let her know of your request. Allow three (3) business days for a response.
  • NOTE: Not all events need to be in first floor large rooms. The second floor has 3 rooms accommodating up to 25 people and 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 people.

4. If I want to have a panel or speaker event with alums or someone from a firm, etc., is there anyone that I should be contacting or could help me?

  • YES! Please contact the Office of Career Management (law-ocm@scu.edu) or Law Alumni Relations at lawalumni@scu.edu). They can help you find alumni and/or speakers from firms, etc. They can also co-sponsor events!

5. What are my food options when purchasing food?

  • Outside vendors can only be used for events in Charney Hall and if the food purchase is under $200.
  • Bon Appetit or Adobe Lodge must be used if the event is outside of Charney Hall, the food purchase is over $200, or if alcohol will be served.
  • Contact Cheryl Hartzheim (chartzheim@scu.edu or 408-551-1792), Director of Catering
  • Contact Jessica Tramp (jtramp@scu.edu or 408-551-1992) if your event is in Adobe Lodge.
  • Please adhere to the University’s Food and Beverage Policy and the Alcohol Policy (found on page 19 of the Student Handbook) when planning events.

6. How do I advertise my events?

  • Bulletin board located in the Community Lounge.
  • TV screens – contact the SBA Director of Internal Communications.
  • Student Announcement Channel (TV screens)- contact the SBA Director of Communications.
  • Grapevine: E-mail the SBA Secretary at sbagrapevine@scu.edu no later than 5pm on Thursday prior to the week of publication. All submissions must be in PDF format.

7. How do I reserve parking for my speaker?

8. What if I need technical support?

9. Can I afford my event? How do I get reimbursed?

  • Check with your LSO Treasurer before you do anything!
  • All reimbursements must be approved by the LSO Treasurer and the SBA Treasurer before they can be processed.
  • Contact Shannon Wang, Director of Law Finance at slwang@scu.edu with questions.
  • See the LSO Financial and Budget FAQs for more information.

10. If I am bringing in a well-known or controversial speaker, do I need to let anyone know?

  • YES! Please contact Jill Klees in Law Student Services at jklees@scu.edu.

11. What else else I should be thinking of?

  • Risk Management. Contact Jill Klees jklees@scu.edu help review programming and activities for risk management issues and concerns. She can contact the University Risk Manager, Sam Florio, if needed. Examples of when to use risk management:
    • Review of contracts (SCU students can’t sign contracts)
    • Clarification of travel and University vehicle policies
    • Review of fire and safety regulations, including emergency procedures
    • Insurance review of outside agency
    • Safe service of alcohol at events
    • See the Safety and Risk Management Guidelines for more info.

If you have additional event planning questions, please contact Jill Klees in Law Student Services at jklees@scu.edu.