Law students are free to organize and join organizations whose stated purposes are consistent with the University and School of Law mission. All student organizations seeking recognition by the Student Bar Association (SBA) and eligibility for University benefits must be registered and must follow the procedures described below. Registration carries with it certain rights and responsibilities. Registered groups can be held accountable to the norms and standards of conduct and civility that exemplify our campus community.

New Organization Checklist: If you want to become a registered group and eligible to receive SBA funding you must complete all items on this list.

Law Student Organizations (LSOs) must:

  1. Have a Constitution which includes:
    • The stated purpose of the organization.
    • The rules and regulations governing all organizational procedures and duties of the organizations officers.
    • The organization’s commitment of service to the Santa Clara University School of Law community. Constitutions should be sent to Jill Klees in Law Student Services at
  2. Complete a Law Student Organization Registration Form
  3. At least five (5) active law student members from the University community without discriminating against race, religion, sex, color, handicap, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual preference, or political affiliation.
  4. All officers and members be current or former law students at Santa Clara University.
  5. Present a list of all active members to Jill Klees in Law Student Services at
  6. Establish that the organization does not duplicate an existing organization.
  7. Have a purpose not inconsistent with the mission and educational goals of Santa Clara University School of Law.
  8. Follow SBA guidelines for budget proposals using the (SOBA) Student Organization Budget Form.
  9. Maintain an updated web page for their organization in order to receive funding.
  10. Learn how to post events on the “Master Calendar”.
  11. Read through and abide by the Event Scheduling and Announcement Policies.
  12. Secure and obtain signature from your LSO’s Faculty Advisor.
  13. All officers must complete the Club Quiz from the Law Student Services Office.