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General Questions

When are class rankings available?

Percentile rankings are computed annually based upon the relevant cumulative grade point averages at the end of the spring semester. Effective Fall 2017, full-time and part-time students are ranked together. The levels are First Year (FY), Upper Division (UD) and Graduating Class (GC). The level is based on the level of completion of the juris doctor program of study.

The level of First Year (FY) is assigned to students who started their first year of law school in the fall semester of the current academic year.

The level of Upper Division (UD) is assigned to students who are not in the First Year class (FY) or the Graduating Class (GC).

The Graduating Class (GC) is assigned to students who have petitioned to graduate for the current academic year no matter how many years they have been enrolled. Class rank at the time of graduation is computed for the entire graduating class combined (December, May, and July graduates).

Students in the top 20 percent of their level, based on GPAs, are recognized on the Dean’s List. Students’ current and cumulative GPAs are available on eCampus.

Spring rankings are usually available late July and graduating class rankings are usually available early September.

Is class attendance mandatory?

Regular and punctual class attendance is required of all students in all classes. Individual faculty members may utilize class attendance and punctuality in assessing grades or granting credit for a course.

Professors will take attendance in first year classes. Students not regularly attending classes will be referred to the Senior Assistant Dean of Law Student Services. Generally, a student is not deemed to have satisfactory attendance if the student misses more than 20% of the class minutes.

In upper-division courses, individual faculty members are responsible for monitoring attendance and punctuality as each deems appropriate. Students unable to attend class regularly and punctually should consider petitioning to take a leave of absence.

Where can I find reading assignments for the first day of class?

For current reading assignments, please log into Camino, choose “Courses” and “My Courses”. If there are no assignments listed, the professor has not assigned anything yet.

Where can I find applications to take the MPRE?

Applications packets are available on the MPRE website:

Where can I find a Moral Character Application?

The California State Bar no longer prints hard copies of the Moral Character Applications. You must apply online.

Where do I find information on Financial Aid?

New students should consult the Admissions financial aid page: New Students can also check with the Financial Aid Counselor in the Admissions Office. Continuing students should either call the Law Financial Aid Office at (408) 551-1719.

Where do I find information on Scholarships?

New students should consult the scholarships information available at: The School of Law has established several endowed scholarship funds that make awards to upper-division students in recognition of their academic excellence, diversity, and public service. Continuing students are notified about the availability of these scholarships, and are encouraged to apply. For more information, go to:

Where do I find applications to take the bar exam?

The California State Bar no longer prints hard copies of their applications. You must fill out the application online. It is available at:

How do I request a Letter of Good Standing?

Fill out the Letter Request Form and submit it to the Law Student Services Office. Forms are available in the office or online at: Note: A minimum of 72 work hours is required to complete letters. During times of heavy work load in student services, turn-around time may be longer.

How do I order a transcript?

Official transcripts are printed through the University Registrar’s Office. Students who have been in attendance at SCU at any time since fall 2002 can request a transcript by logging into eCampus. Click here for Electronic Transcript Request Instructions. Written transcript requests from students who have access to eCampus will only be accepted if a form is required to be attached to the transcript.

Students who have access to eCampus may print an unofficial copy of their transcript through the Student Center.

How do I calculate my GPA?

The easiest way to find your GPA is to check your transcript on eCampus. If you wish to calculate your GPA, please follow the directions below.

The current grading system for the School of Law is available here. The previous version can be found in prior years’ Bulletins here.

To calculate your grade point average, do the following:

  1. Multiply the unit value of each graded course by the grade points earned for that course to determine the ‘total grade points earned for each class’. (See above for grade points)
  2. Add together all of the ‘total grade points earned for each class’ to find your ‘total grade points’.
  3. Divide the ‘total grade points’ by the total number of units earned in all of your graded courses combined.
  4. This is your grade point average.

How do I change my address?

Students can change addresses through eCampus. Please note: The University maintains 2 addresses on each student – a current mailing address and a permanent address. In some cases, Student Accounts may maintain a third address for billing.

Exam Questions

How do I find out when my exams are scheduled?

The schedule of courses from which you registered for classes lists the exam day and time for each class. Two weeks before the exam period begins, the exam schedule is posted in Bannan.

When are the grades due?

Grades are due 30 days from the date that the bulk of the exams were made available for the professor to pick up. The Law Student Services Office maintains a chart, posted on Google Drive, which is made available to students that lists grade due dates and the dates that they are turned in.

How do I reschedule my exams?

First, please read the Exam Reschedule policy located in the Student Bulletin to determine if your exams are eligible for rescheduling:

If they are, please complete the Exam Reschedule Request form available in the Student Services Office and online

For the fall and spring semesters students must request a reschedule within the first eight weeks of the start of the semester. Summer students must request a reschedule within the first four weeks of the start of the session. Late requests will not be approved.

Course Questions

Where do I find course descriptions?

When reviewing the Schedule of Classes on the Student Services web page, click on the name of the class you are interested in to see the description. A complete list of course descriptions is available at:

How do I register for extra units?

Part-time students are allowed to sign up for up to 11 units. Part-time student wishing to exceed the limit must submit a petition to the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services. Please plan to do this well in advance of your registration appointment.

How does the wait list work?

Wait lists are formed after a particular class is closed; wait lists determine the priority for enrollment as seats become available. During the initial registration period, students confronted with a closed class should place their names on the wait list immediately. Once on a wait list, students should register for an alternate class.

Wait lists will be posted each day beginning one week before classes begin and ending the first Thursday of the semester. Wait lists are posted on the bulletin board outside the Student Services Office. An email will be sent to eligible students’ SCU email account informing them of their eligibility and the expiration date of their eligibility status. It is the student’s responsibility to check the wait lists and their SCU email daily to determine eligibility. If the message “Eligible to Enroll until 11:59 p.m…” appears next to a student’s name in the “ELIGIBILITY” column, the student must add the class on eCampus by 11:59 p.m. of the date indicated or they will forfeit their seat in the course. After 11:59 pm on the date indicated, the permission number will expire and the seat will be offered to the next person on the list.

The final wait list is posted on the last Thursday of the add/drop period. The next day, Friday, any classes with seats still open will be made available to students on a first-come, first-served basis through eCampus.

How do I drop a class?

  1. Students may drop upper-division courses without professor approval through the fourth week of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to know the tuition and fee refund provisions.
  2. After the fourth week of the semester, students may drop a class only with the professor’s signature and the approval of the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services. Add/drop forms are available from the Student Services Office.
  3. After the 10th week of the semester, students may drop a class for good cause shown and only with the permission of the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services. The cause need not be grave, but it should not appear to the dean that the student is dropping the class for an inappropriate reason.
  4. During the last week of classes, the Senior Assistant Dean will give permission to drop a course only upon a student’s written petition documenting reasons why taking the scheduled exam or requesting a delayed exam would impose an undue and unforeseen hardship on the student.
  5. After the last class day of the semester, but before and up to the date of the regularly scheduled final exam, all requests to drop a course are referred to the Dean or the Dean’s delegate. The Dean will grant permission to drop a class after classes have ended, but before the scheduled exam only after consultation with the instructor and only for extraordinary circumstances.
  6. Students may not drop a class after the regularly scheduled final exam is administered. In the case of courses requiring a paper or other nonexam requirement, students may not drop the class after the last day of classes.
  7. First-year students may not drop classes except in extraordinary circumstances, and only with the permission of the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services.
  8. Students who stop attending a class and do not complete the formal drop process are subject to receiving an F grade and are liable for tuition.
  9. Students who do not take a final exam or complete required work will receive an F grade.

How do I pay my bill?

Students can pay through eCampus or in person at the Bursar’s Office. For more information, call the Bursar’s Office at (408) 554 – 4412 or go to:

How do I get help accessing eCampus?

Early during your first semester at the Law School, you will receive an email from the IT department which contains instructions for accessing eCampus and a temporary password. If you have forgotten your password or are having trouble accessing the system either:

  • Click on the Forgot My Password link on the eCampus log-in screen, or
  • Send an email to

IT usually responds to requests within a day or two. Please plan to start this process well in advance of your registration time.

How do I decide which classes to take?

Each spring, the Law School holds an ‘Academic Advising Week’. During this week, presentations are made by the deans and administrators giving advice and guidance on scheduling strategies. Professors are also available during this week to meet with students individually for academic advising. The Academic Advising Book is available on-line. Click here to download. Students should also feel free to meet with professors, deans and the registrar for further advice and information.

How do I audit a class?

Generally, the right to audit courses is limited to practicing attorneys and judges. Current students may petition to audit a course on a space-available basis. Tuition will be charged. Audited courses will be designated as such on the transcript. See here for more information.

Graduation Questions

How early should my family show up for the ceremony?

The ceremony starts at 9:30 am. Family members start showing up as early as 8:00 am. There are no tickets and there is no assigned seating. PLEASE BE ADVISED – there is no “saving seats” allowed.

Where can I find information about the graduation ceremony

Refer to the Commencement information.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are printed and distributed through the University Student Records Office. Typically, diplomas are mailed out 6 months after all degrees are posted. (Transcripts are available right away, if you need proof of your degree.) You can reach the University Student Records Office at (408) 554-4331.