Lawyers Leading the Resistance
March 6, 2018
Bannan Hall, Room 127
12:00 – 1:00pm

Lunch provided

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Traci Feit, founder of Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) and Professor Colleen Chien, founder of Wall of Us and Act Local, will be speaking about “Lawyers Leading the Resistance.” All groups were founded after the election and marry tech with social justice to promote good governance.

L4GG is “an army of more than 125,000 lawyers, law students, and activists” has had a huge impact already including:

– launching Election Watch, a nationwide non-partisan program run by the L4GG Foundation in partnership with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Institute to monitor, report on, escalate, and address problematic decisions made across the country;

– mobilizing 5,400 lawyers in response to the 2017 rescission of DACA, training more than 1,500 lawyers in 72 hours and connecting thousands of lawyers with legal clinics to help 130K Dreamers meet the renewal deadline;

– launching a climate change program in partnership with the Sierra Club.

Wall of Us provides and has 80,000+ members across platforms with four weekly acts of resistance. ActLocal builds connective tissue among local progressive leaders across the country through in-person leadership gatherings.

This event is part of the Tech and Social Justice Speaker Series