Anna Han


Greetings, you have reached Professor Anna Han’s personal web page.

This is intended to give you a little background on myself.

I started teaching here at Santa Clara in 1989. Over the years, I have taught courses such as International Business Transactions, Remedies and Contracts. Currently, I’m teaching Business Organizations, Chinese Trade and Investment Law, Technology Licensing and Legal Issues of Start-up Businesses.

My courses reflect both my practice experience and my interests. For a number of years, I practiced in Shanghai, China, advising foreign companies doing business there. The transactions often involved licensing technology and setting up joint ventures. I have the dubious distinction of being the first foreign attorney to setup an office in Shanghai. More recently, I served as counsel to White & Case, an international law firm.

I love teaching and I try to infuse my practical experience into the classroom. Theory is important but I believe you also need to learn some practical aspects of practicing law while in law school. I have also directed many of our summer study abroad programs. I started our Shanghai one in 2006 but have also directed Hong Kong, Geneva/Strasburg, Istanbul and Oxford.

My research primarily involves exploring Chinese laws and how these laws are changing as China changes its economic system. In addition to law review articles, I wrote 4 chapters on Chinas rapidly developing IP laws, covering Patents, Trademarks, Copyright and Domain names. The chapters are in Business Law in China, published by the ICC in Paris. I also have a casebook, co-authored with Daniel Chow on Doing Business in China, published by West. This is a comprehensive casebook that covers all the major issues that foreign companies face in China and comes with statutory appendices of all the major laws and regulations.


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