Technology Licensing

Class Information Summer 2020

  • 2 units
  • Class No.: 14093
  • Meets: Mon-Wed
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 7:40 PM
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Louis Wu


Technology Licensing

Certificate(s): High Tech Law

Course Description:

The process of technology licensing. Includes topics such as motivations for licensing, types of agreements used in licensing transactions, provisions commonly used in licensing contracts, and special considerations of international licensing. Actual negotiation sessions with scenarios provided and exercises in drafting specific provisions used in technology licensing contracts. Approved IP LL.M. course.

Class Notes:

Limited enrollment.  The class focus is on 1) understanding high tech licenses/agreements used by high-tech companies and law-firms and 2) agreement drafting theory and practice.  While not a prerequisite, IP Survey (388) would be helpful.