Law Student Co-Op Education B

Class Information Spring 2023

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Thiadora Pina

Clinical Professor and Director, Externship Program

Law Student Co-Op Education B

Course Description:

The primary purpose of Co-op education is to give students an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their field of study. This course is designed to prepare them for such an experience. It consists of a series of lectures on topics that will familiarize them with the professional working environment, and will enable them to relate their experience in the industry to their academic program. Attendance is mandatory. Only those international students seeking to satisfy work requirements in the United States are eligible for this course.

Class Notes:

This class is graded on a CR/NC basis. The course consists of an initial ninety-minute mandatory in-person class session followed by online instructional sessions. The mandatory in-person session will be held: Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, from 4:10-5:50 p.mStudents must attend the mandatory in-person class session, or they will be dropped from the class. No exceptions. After the initial in-person class session, the remaining sessions will be held online throughout the spring semester. Students must secure a permission number from the Externship Program to register for this class.