Judicial Externship I: Part Time

Class Information Spring 2023

  • 3-6 units
  • Class No.: 58201
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Thiadora Pina

Clinical Professor and Director, Externship Program

Judicial Externship I: Part Time

Course Description:

The purpose of this externship is to afford qualified students the opportunity to observe and participate in the functioning of either a trial or appellate court, observe and critically evaluate work attorneys present to the court, observe and critically evaluate the nature and quality of judicial decision making, and refine research and writing skills. A student may participate in a part-time (up to 6 units) judicial externship.

Interested students may obtain information about judges and courts that use externs and about the application process from ExPro well in advance of your ideal start. Graded Credit/No Credit. Part-time Judicial Externship: Students may earn from 3-6 units of credit for a part-time judicial externship by (1) undertaking an externship with a judge or court, and (2) participating in, and successfully completing the Externship Workshop (706).

Class Notes:

Experiential Course

Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: Civil Procedure (114). Students must apply. Applications are available online on the Externship website. Students must secure their externship prior to application submission. Students must also register for the Externship Workshop (Law 706). Permission numbers to register will be provided by the ExPro upon application approval.