IP Litigation

Class Information Fall 2022

  • 2 units
  • Class No.: 51969
  • Meets: Monday
  • Time: 7:30 pm - 9:10 pm
  • Location: 206
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Michelle Galloway

Adjunct Professor

IP Litigation

Certificate(s): High Tech Law

Course Description:

This course simulates an intellectual property lawsuit from preliminary considerations (such as whether suing is the proper course of action for a potential plaintiff and how attorneys can assist their defendant clients in the assessing of the risks of litigation when sued) to pleadings, pretrial activities, discovery, evidentiary challenges, trial preparation and appellate procedures. Approved IP LLM Course. Prerequisite: IP Survey

Class Notes:

Experiential Course

Pre or Co-requisite: Patent Law (233) or IP Survey (388) or consent of instructor. Students must attend first class meeting or make prior arrangements with the professor. Students who no-show to the first class will be dropped by the professor.  Attendance is mandatory.  The top five students on the wait list should attend the first day. The purpose of this course is to blend substantive patent law knowledge with practical application in a litigation context. The course emphasizes litigation skills including client relations, developing the factual record, strategic counseling, and motion practice. It will be of particular interest to those who plan to practice in the areas of patent litigation, patent prosecution, or patent licensing. The course analyzes a hypothetical patent litigation using a US Patent and file history along with other documents. Grades are based on a variety of exercises related to claim construction charts, infringement and invalidity analysis, serving and responding to discovery, expert reports, depositions, and motions as well as class participation. Limited enrollment. Professor does not allow taping of this class; but is willing to have a student tape a class with the permission of the professor for personal use only.  Approved IP LLM course.