Honors Moot Court Board

Class Information Spring 2023

  • 1-4 units
  • Class No.: 58188
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Mary Procaccio-Flowers

Assistant Clinical Professor

Kent Streseman

Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Faculty Advisor, Honors Moot Court Internal

Adriana Duffy-Horling

Associate Clinical Professor

Honors Moot Court Board

Course Description:

The Moot Court Board is a student organization whose primary responsibility is the administration of the Honors Moot Court Competitions – Internal, External and Galloway. Student board members select and draft the problem, organize the competition, evaluate the final briefs, participate in critique sessions, arrange for judges, serve as bailiffs during the competition, etc. Graded Credit/No Credit.

Class Notes:

STUDENTS ON THE HMC INTERNAL BOARD, HMC EXTERNAL BOARD, AND GALLOWAY BOARD should all register for this section.  Credit/No Credit. Students are appointed to the boards. To register for this course, students must obtain a permission number from the Moot Court Board Presidents.