Health Law Seminar: Abortion and Reproductive Justice

Class Information Spring 2019

  • 2 units
  • Class No.: 82242
  • Meets: Tues
  • Time: 4:10 pm - 5:50 pm
  • Location: 201
  • Exam:
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Michelle Oberman

Katharine and George Alexander Professor of Law

Health Law Seminar: Abortion and Reproductive Justice

Certificate(s): Public Interest and Social Justice Law (List C)

Course Description:

This unique seminar gives students a chance to explore with faculty contemporary, cutting-edge issues in health care law.  Course may require a paper, an exam, or both.  Check the current semester schedule for current topics and course descriptions.

Class Notes:

To obtain a permission number to register, contact Professor Oberman at  Explores the ways in which the law shapes our national abortion discourse. This weekly seminar will combine the aims of building core lawyering competencies with an experiment in developing community across deeply held and conflicting moral convictions. It will proceed in the style of a graduate seminar, with ongoing reading, writing and re-writing requirements.  The only prerequisite is that you bring to class a desire for a sustained, honest conversation about this challenging topic.