Federal Income Tax

Class Information Summer 2021

  • 3 units
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  • Exam: July 23-26
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Bradley W. Joondeph

Professor of Law

Federal Income Tax

Course Description:

The federal income taxation of individuals. The concept of income, exclusions from income, personal and business deductions, sales and exchanges of property, when income is taxable, and to whom it is taxable. A statutory law course based on the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and judicial and administrative interpretations thereof.

Class Notes:


This will be a 100 percent asynchronous course, with the professor available for live office hours twice each week to answer students’ questions. The course will be largely self-guided. Students will be assigned reading, recorded lectures, and problem sets. The lectures, problem sets, and answers to the problem sets will be posted on Camino. Live office hours will take place by Zoom on Sundays at 4:00 and Wednesdays at noon. (Other times will be available by appointment.) There will be an open-book, essay-format, three-hour final exam. Students’ course grades will be based primarily (if not exclusively) on the final exam.