Environmental Law Seminar

Class Information Fall 2020

  • 3 units
  • Class No.: 19881
  • Meets: Wednesday
  • Time: 9:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Location: Online
  • Exam:
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Tseming Yang

Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Global Law and Policy

Environmental Law Seminar

Course Description:

Advanced exploration of legal issues involved in current efforts to halt degradation of the environment. Emphasis on major responsibilities of environmental lawyers in serving environmental protection goals, as well as key considerations of justice. Topics include fairness in enforcement proceedings, citizen access to regulatory decision making, and “environmental racism” impacts of hazardous waste facility siting. Students select individual or small group research projects and presentation on environment law topics.

Class Notes:

This seminar course engages in an advanced exploration of contemporary and significant issues in environmental law and policy.  Most of the course will be conducted in a seminar discussion format. Preparation of a significant research paper is a major part of the course.  For the fall 2020 semester, the course will focus on two issues of current significance in environmental law:   1) the legal and policy issues raised by the domestic environmental justice movement, especially related to Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and 2) the implementation and prospects of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  In addition, the course will also explore issues of student interest, primarily through presentation of student research papers.  The instructor expects that at least some of the research papers will be submitted to internal (SCU) and externally sponsored (bar association) student writing competitions. Prerequisite:  One of the following courses:  Environmental Protection Law (Law 288), Energy Resources Law (Law 444), Land Use (Law 286), Natural Resources Law (Law 230), Water Law (Law 608), or Administrative Law (Law 207).