Criminal Justice Externship II

Class Information Spring 2023

  • 3 - 6 units
  • Class No.: 58168
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Thiadora Pina

Clinical Professor and Director, Externship Program

Criminal Justice Externship II

Certificate(s): Public Interest and Social Justice Law (List A)

Course Description:

This externship allows students who have already participated in the Criminal Justice Externship I to do a second externship. The additional externship would need to present a new educational experience that provides an opportunity to learn new or expand current skills. The presumption  is that students will work with a new externship sponsor. A student can overcome the presumption (one time, only) and receive approval, by submitting a memorandum of understanding, signed by both the student and the supervising attorney, that describes the legal tasks and/or skill-sets the student will enhance, learn, and and grow. In addition to students’ externship, students must register for the online Externship Workshop (706). Course credit will be awarded only upon on satisfactory completion of both the fieldwork and the online course. Students must complete both components simultaneously. Graded Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: Civil Procedure (114), Criminal Justice Externship I (591).

Class Notes:

Experiential Course

Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: Civil Procedure (114), Criminal Justice Externship I (591). Students must apply and have placement pre-approved. Applications are available online at Externship page. Students must also register for and successfully complete the Externship Workshop (706). Permission numbers for both classes will be sent via email by the Externship Program upon approval.