SCOTUSBLOG has announced that all same-sex marriage cases currently before the Supreme Court will be considered at the Court’s conference scheduled for November 20. This includes the Arizona benefits case.


Here’s the original text from Scotusblog:

UPDATED:   The Court has set the Voting Rights Act case, 12-96, along with a companion case, 12-81, for consideration at its private Conference on Friday.  In addition, the Court has now scheduled all of the same-sex marriage cases for consideration at its November 20 Conference; that includes eight petitions dealing with the Defense of Marriage Act, one dealing with California’s “Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage, and one dealing with an Arizona law similar to DOMA that restricts marital benefits for state workers to opposite-sex married couples only.   The following post on Monday’s orders has been expanded and updated.

BUT — on Tuesday, November 13, the Court announced that they would not consider these cases until their November 30 conference. That means we are likely to hear the results on Monday, December 3.

And note, while there are more petitions in the DOMA cases, they all involve four central cases: the consolidated appeal from the 1st Circuit (i.e., the Massachusetts case and the Gill case), the Pedersen and the Windsor cases from the 2nd Circuit (although the 2nd Circuit has not yet ruled in Pedersen), and the Golinski case from the 9th Circuit (although the 9th Circuit has not yet ruled in that case).

I anxiously await the Court’s decisions, but I think it fairly certain they will take the DOMA cases.