Enhance your experience, your network, and your career with our many biotech activities for students, including:

  • Student Intellectual Property Law Association
    SIPLA is a student-operated organization focusing on IP and technology law, including privacy law. This group offers, among other activities, a weekly lunch-time program on high tech topics.
  • High Tech Law Journal
    The student-run journal, founded in 1984, covers all aspects of IP and high tech law.  As well as hosting an annual symposium, the journal publishes four issues per year, which often include privacy-related articles and comments.
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
    Santa Clara Law’s ACLU student group promotes awareness and interest in protecting civil liberties, including the right to privacy and the freedom from unwarranted government intrusion into personal and private affairs.
  • American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ASC)
    Named “National Student Chapter of the Year”, the school’s chapter of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy promotes the vitality of the U.S. Constitution, including individual rights and liberties.  The student chapter regularly organizes privacy-related talks on campus.
  • Civil and High Tech Externship Program
    Through this semester-ong program, students gain supervised practice experience for academic credit at a governmental agency, non-profit organization, law firm, or high tech company.  Past privacy law-related placements include both for-profit companies such as eBay, Google, Yahoo! and Apple, and non-profit organizations, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the ACLU Northern California, and Center for Democracy and Technology.


Shreya-Vora“I first learned about privacy law through SCU’s externship program at a company in the cloud computing space.  I worked directly with the company’s privacy counsel, learning first hand about the cutting edge legal and policy issues facing a company whose business depends on privacy.  My externship experience helped me get a position as a Fellow for the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington, DC based advocacy organization helping advance responsible data practices.”

Shreya Vora, J.D. ‘10
2001 Fellow, Future of Privacy Forum


Additional Opportunities

In addition to Santa Clara Law’s dedication to teaching future privacy lawyers and leaders in the classroom, its High Tech Law Institute regularly offers privacy law educational programming to students and the greater Silicon Valley legal and corporate community.  These events include full-day and recurring events such as:

  • California State Assembly Joint Committee Hearing on Digital Privacy
  • Internet Law Works in Progress: An annual event co-hosted with New York Law School, dozens of Internet scholars present their academic works-in-progress on Internet law topics, including privacy and cyber-security
  • IT, Ethics and Law Speakers Series: The High Tech Law Institute, together with the Center for Science, Technology and Society and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, runs a speaker series, “IT, Ethics and Law”. This series focuses on the ethical, social, and legal implications of information technologies.  Recent talks include a panel on reidentification/data anonymization and remarks by the General Counsels of Twitter and LinkedIn discussing social networking.

Other Campus Programs
In addition to the work in the law school, other campus departments work on privacy issues, including:

  • Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
    The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics promotes research and dialogue on ethical issues touching American life.  The Center is promoting Internet privacy and ethics education and developing a model undergraduate curriculum for Internet privacy.