At Santa Clara Law, you will learn from full-time faculty members who research and write on privacy topics as well as practitioners on the front lines of privacy issues.  Full-time faculty members including the following:

Dorothy Glancy
Professor Glancy teaches the law school’s Privacy Law course.  She is one of the nation’s leading experts on privacy issues related to transportation systems (ITS).  She has chaired the Defamation and Privacy Section of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and was a 2010 Co-Chair of the 20th Annual Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference.

Eric Goldman
Professor Goldman, Director of Santa Clara Law’s High Tech Law Institute, is an expert in Internet and advertising law.  He teaches and has coauthored casebooks on Internet law and advertising and marketing law, both of which cover privacy.  He frequently addresses Internet privacy on his Technology and Marketing Law blog.

Allen Hammond IV
Professor Allen Hammond IV teaches in the law school, is Director of the Law and Public Policy at SCU’s Center for Science, Technology, and Society, and directs the Broadband Institute of California.  He teaches the school’s telecommunication course and a clinic on broadband issues, and he regularly addresses privacy issues in telecom and other FCC areas.

Michelle Oberman
Professor Oberman teaches Health Law and Criminal Law.  Her scholarly research often focuses on the legal and ethical issues relating to adolescence, sexuality, pregnancy, motherhood and stem cell research.  Her courses include discussions on privacy law in the context of reproduction and the health care system.

Tyler Ochoa
Professor Ochoa teaches the school’s Rights of Publicity course, and he has co-authored the associated casebook, Celebrity Rights: Rights of Publicity and Related Rights in the United States and Abroad.


Catherine Sandoval
Professor Sandoval serves as a Commissioner on the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). She teaches the school’s Broadcasting course.