Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology Series

Curated by Santa Clara Law Tech & Law Fellow & Adjunct Professor, Lourdes M. Turrecha, the series will feature privacy experts, practitioners and innovators discussing the intersection of privacy and technology. The series will include discussions on privacy engineering, privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), data ownership, data ethics, privacy tech, cybersecurity and more.


Building a Privacy First Company with Richard Vibert, CEO, Metomic

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The Let’s Talk Privacy series kicks off with guest privacy tech founder and Metomic CEO, Richard Vibert, who is building a privacy-first company. We will cover Mr. Vibert’s journey into privacy tech; his inspiration for his privacy tech startup; and how they’re addressing compliance with GDPR and CCPA; and their predictions for the privacy tech landscape.

Navigating the Intersection of Privacy & Security Webinar with Daniel Barber, CEO, DataGrail

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Join Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology host, Lourdes M. Turrecha, and episode guest, DataGrail CEO Daniel Barber, (link “DataGrail CEO Daniel Barber” to pic/bio) as they explore the intersections of privacy and security. They will talk about Daniel’s journey into the B2B privacy tech space, including his founding of DataGrail, and their partnership with one of the leading security companies.

From Lawyer to Privacy Tech Founder with Rama Veeraragoo, CEO, DocuVision

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In this episode of the Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology series, Lourdes M. Turrecha talks to DocuVision CEO, Rama Veeraragoo, about his journey from lawyer to privacy tech founder.

The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies with Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science, Northeastern University

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Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology host, Lourdes M. Turrecha, brings on Professor Woodrow Hartzog, author of Privacy’s Blueprint: The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies, to talk about his book and his privacy takes on today’s new technologies.

Building Privacy into Cybersecurity Products, with Paola Zeni, Senior Director of Privacy, Palo Alto Networks

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Our host Lourdes M. Turrecha reunites with Paola Zeni, Senior Director of Privacy at leading cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks to talk about building privacy into cybersecurity products, what that entails, and the tools that B2B companies can use to decrease privacy-related friction in deals.

Measuring Privacy Business Value with Michelle Dennedy, CEO, The iDennedy Project

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Michelle Finneran Dennedy, CEO of The iDennedy Project, a data strategy and privacy engineering advisory practice, chats with Lourdes M. Turrecha about measuring data value, using the right metrics, and recognizing when to build using business rules vs. compliance threats.

Automated Privacy Consent, with Lorrie Cranor, Director, CyLab Carnegie Mellon University

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CyLab Director Lorrie Cranor joins Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology host, Lourdes M. Turrecha, to talk about her work in privacy and technology, including her vision of automated privacy consent in the future.

Strategic Privacy by Design with R. Jason Cronk, author of Strategic Privacy by Design

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Strategic Privacy by Design author, R. Jason Cronk, joins Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology host, Lourdes M. Turrecha to discuss his work and to demystify privacy enhancing technologies (PETs).

Deidentification with Luk Arbuckle, Privacy Analytics Chief Methodologist

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In this episode, host Lourdes M. Turrecha chats with Privacy Analytics Chief Methodologist, Luk Arbuckle about his work involving deidentification as a privacy enhancing technology.

Voter Privacy and Election Security with Joseph Hall, Strong Internet SVP

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Join Let’s Talk Privacy & Technology host, Lourdes M. Turrecha, and episode guest, Strong Internet SVP, Joseph Hall, as they discuss voter privacy and election security ahead of the 2020 elections.