Santa Clara Law University School of Law - Message from the Interim Dean

Dear Santa Clara Law Community,

We cannot let the murders of George Floyd, Nina Pop, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people continue. As Interim Dean, I can only express my own thoughts and reaffirm our commitment to do better.

I am outraged, I am sad, I am frustrated, I have struggled to find the words. I don’t even know how to react at times and the video showing the slow killing of George Floyd is so disturbing that I want to turn away each time it is shown. But I know it must be shown. We face unprecedented turmoil and a pandemic, but this does not mean we can shy away from addressing the fact that we operate in a system built on discrimination.

As a law school, we talk about diversity and inclusion, and we are proud of our achievements, but that it is not enough. We can’t be proud of having faculty, staff, and students of color when Black men, women, and children are dying. We need to do more and we have the tools as legal educators, lawyers, and law students. We teach social justice but must recognize that the system is not always just. We must commit to change it. I commit to change it.

This will be a long process and in full transparency I do not have the answers right now but intend for Santa Clara Law School to change. The faculty and I are open to your suggestions and feedback.

Those of us who are not Black need to engage in Non-Optical Allyship. While many of us (myself included) have experienced racism, we must acknowledge that we cannot ever truly experience what is going on right now, and must use our power, legal knowledge, and privilege to help serve justice.

I also encourage you to educate yourselves on the topic, as I am attempting to do. It is not the responsibility of our Black Santa Clara community to carry the burden of education.

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Anna M. Han
Interim Dean

“Things are going to change. They have to.” – Captain Benjamin Sisko (DS9, “Far Beyond the Stars”)

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