On January 26, current and former NCIP clinic students got to experience something that not all lawyers get to experience—the exoneration of an innocent client.  

NCIP staff and students joined Glenn Payne at the Hall of Justice in San Jose, CA where Santa Clara County Judge Vanessa Zecher reversed his conviction and the District Attorney dismissed all charges.

Following a celebration of Glenn’s freedom on the courthouse steps, the group gathered for a meal at Crema in San Jose. Glenn’s first meal as a truly free man: a Turkey sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie.

Executive Director Linda Starr and the clinic students were featured on ABC7 news later that evening.

Current NCIP clinic student, Carrie Craven, said “It was really an honor to work on the case and to help get his conviction reversed.”

Former NCIP clinic student and attorney, Arielle Hostetler, said, “It’s why I went law school. To correct the wrongs that inevitably happen in the justice system.”