In August, Gov. Gavin Newsom named two Santa Clara Law alumni to the bench of Santa Clara County Superior Court: Micael Estremera B.A. ‘02, J.D. ‘06, and Kelley Paul J.D. ‘98

Micael Estremera B.A.‘02, J.D. ‘06, a double Bronco, grew up in the South Bay area and is the son of an attorney and nurse. For the majority of his career, Estremera served as a deputy public defender in Santa Clara County. “My family is deeply committed to community service,” Estremera said in an article in the San Jose Mercury News. “I have been in courtrooms my entire career, and served my community from the courtroom for most of my career,” he said in the article.

Also a native of the South Bay Area, Kelley Paul J.D. ‘98 earned her undergraduate degree from San Jose State University. “I was looking for a new challenge that also serves my community,” Paul said in an article in the San Jose Mercury News. “As a local kid out of San Jose State, I’m not sure I envisioned this was a possibility,” she added. Paul has spent the majority of her career in the courtroom, and she told the Mercury that her courtroom experience gave her “the opportunity nearly every day to see the impact that judges can make in the lives of citizens of my community.”

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