Students in Deep Gulasekaram‘s Spring 2018 Immigration Law & Policy Practicum were asked to engage in transformative advocacy around some of the most pressing issues in immigration regulation and enforcement. Their goal was to produce publicly available research that could serve as a resource to litigators, lawmakers, journalists, researchers, and noncitizens affected by the current immigration policy climate at the federal and state level. The class yielded three excellent projects that will, respectively, help undocumented students seeking opportunities in higher education, provide guidance to state legislators considering ways to protect DACA recipients in the face of the Trump Administration’s rescission of the program, and educate journalists and local officials about the difficulties in implementing California’s “state sanctuary” law (SB 54). 

The three student projects from Spring 2018 are:

  1. Navigating Graduate School: A Guide for Undocumented Students, Sheila Cook ’18 and Iva Gaylord ’18
  2. California Divided: The Restrictions and Vulnerabilities in Implementing SB 54, Jerome Ma ’18 and Nicholas Pavlovic ’19
  3. DREAMcatcher: How California Can Protect its DACA Recipients’ Work Authorization, Eddie Corona ’18 and Kyle Heitmann ’18