Professor Graham StrongThe Student Bar Association appreciation lunch, held on Wednesday, April 23, went well and commemorated the following people:

Public Interest Student of the Year‑‑Monica Sather
Graduate Student of the Year‑‑Jennifer Johnson
Outstanding Staff of the Year‑‑Susan Erwin
Outstanding Professor of the Year‑‑Graham Strong
Outstanding Dean Commemoration‑‑Dean Mack Player

Meena Chidambaram, current SBA president, presented Graham Strong with the Professor of the Year award saying, “This is a professor who takes an interest in all students. I have never had the privilege of being enrolled in his courses, yet every time I stopped by his office to chat, he graciously allowed me to distract him from preparation for class.”

Dean Mack PlayerMs Chidambaram then thanked Dean Mack Player for his years at Santa Clara and presented him with an Award of Appreciation. She said, “There is one person here who has probably the most difficult job a this law school. He leads our law school and with that leadership comes acknowledgement for the law school’s accomplishments. What many people don’t know or sometimes forget is that he always has the law school’s best interest at heart. He is passionate about Santa Clara and has always striven to remain fair, reasonable, and patient in his leadership

Vice-President Fritz Schick said in introducing Graduating Student of the Year, Jennifer Johnson, “Being a mere year away from my own graduation, I can appreciate the pressure our next recipient is under in the next few weeks and months. She has exhibited the qualities that her peers felt were indicative of both the proper character and academic achievement.”

In-coming SBA President, Jamil L. White, honored Monica Sather, Public Interest Student of the Year,as an outstanding third-year student who has put in considerable donated time and energy in several social justice projects.

In introducing Staff member of the Year, Susan Erwin, Schick said, “The recipient of this award is someone who has been generous with her assistance to the many students of this law school, including myself.  This year’s recipient oversees an extremely responsive and important department of the Law School, Law Records. This department oversees my constituents’ registration activities and maintains their academic records.  On behalf of an extremely appreciative student body, I wish to present Susan Erwin with the Staff Member of the Year for the academic year of 2003.”

Meena Chidambaram, current SBA president, also introduced the new Student Bar Association board:

President—Jamil White
Full-time VP—Fritz Schick
Part-time VP—Emily Williams
Secretary—Mia Giacomazzi
Treasurer—Christina Kelly