Over the weekend of February 18-19, Santa Clara Law hosted a wonderful inaugural gathering of deans from all of the Jesuit law schools. In the spirit of collaboration and mutual support, the deans generated strategic initiatives designed to build on the many distinctive strengths and opportunities enjoyed by all of the Jesuit law schools.

Special thanks to Kristen Forrester, who oversaw all of the logistics, and to Former Acting President and School of Law Dean Lisa Kloppenberg, who facilitated a thought-provoking conversation about the Jesuit law schools’ important role in developing relationship-building skills, which are not only vital to the successful practice of law, but also to the protection of our democracy against the autocratic forces of violence, polarization, and anti-truth. As a great Jesuit law school, we rededicated ourselves to finding new and meaningful ways to collaborate in the care of our students, our common home, and our common good.