On May 13th, in the Mission Santa Clara, Santa Clara Law and the Santa Clara Bar Association hosted a Spring swearing-in ceremony for the newest members of the California Bar.

Professor Devin Kinyon welcomed the assembled attendees and guests, offering words of greetings on behalf of Dean Kaufman and faculty colleagues. Before leading a round of applause for supportive friends and family, Professor Kinyon offered a brief congratulations. “All of this work that you’ve done over the past few years has paid off because you’ve reached the point in your journey when you get to leave here as a lawyer,” he said. “You’ve made us proud, and we hope that you continue to take the values, the lessons, and everything we taught you—everything we saw in you years ago when we admitted you—into practice, because you’re going to be wonderful lawyers, and you carry us with you.”

The Honorable Julie Emede, assistant presiding judge of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, then took the lectern and offered advice to those assembled. “In addition to taking the oath today, you have to agree to do three other things,” Judge Emede began. “Remember your ethics, always; there is no case and no client that is worth it for you not to follow your own ethics. Give back to the community; [being a lawyer] is a profession, not just a business. And you have to commit to having a life; don’t forget to have a life as you go forward. It is very easy to be sucked into the world that is the practice of law.”

Andrea Justo, president of the Santa Clara County Bar Association, picked up that work-life balance message. Ms. Justo talked about starting her firm with a partner, agreeing that they would work hard for their clients, but also draw healthy boundaries to spend time with the people they love. Justo was joined by Erika Lee ’20 who invited her fellow alumni to find support and mentorship through the Santa Clara County Bar Association and its Barristers Section for new lawyers.

The Honorable Julie Emede administered the attorney’s oath, formally admitting the attorneys to the practice of law in California. This swearing-in ceremony marks the end of one group’s law school and bar exam experience just as the Class of 2024 prepares to graduate and start studying for the July bar exam.

Watch a recording of the event.

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