Representative Zoe Lofgren JD ’75 is a 13-term representative and is the only member of Congress who has personally participated in all three impeachment inquiries of the modern era. Read a Washington Post article about what Lofgren calls both ‘an honor and also an obligation.’ Read a San Jose Mercury News article about the lessons she’s learned from the three impeachment inquiries.

“Lofgren, currently a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, was a Santa Clara University law student working for former Rep. Don Edwards, a member of the committee during the Nixon impeachment hearings in 1974. Lofgren’s contribution came in the final days as the articles of impeachment were being written.

‘Don (Edwards) asked me if we should have one big article of impeachment or 17 different articles,” she recalled. “John Conyers (a Michigan congressman) was insistent that he wanted to offer an article on the Cambodia bombing, which no one else wanted. So I wrote that one, which was way above my pay grade.’ “