Kerry Kynn Macintosh, Inez Mabie Distinguished Professor of Law at Santa Clara Law, published a review in Stanford Tech Law Review (STAN. TECH. L. REV. 290, 2022) of CRISPR People: He Jiankui v. Science, by Prof. Hank Greely. In this book, Greely details the major story of Chinese scientist He Jiankui, who edited the DNA of two embryos that went on to be born.

“CRISPR People…offers more than history and journalism,” writes Macintosh in her detailed, 15-page review. “Scientists, bioethicists, academics, policymakers, and legislators will value CRISPR People for its policy discussion. All readers will appreciate Professor Greely’s storytelling abilities as he describes his flawed protagonist, those who enabled him, and those who opposed him—both before and after the experiment that would ultimately land him in prison. As it turns out, the title of CRISPR People has a clever double meaning: it refers not only to babies with altered genomes, but also to the scientists, bioethicists, and lawyers who people its pages.”

A member of the Santa Clara Law faculty since 1990, Professor Macintosh has published extensively in the fields of biotechnology, electronic commerce, commercial law, and contracts.

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