Michelle Oberman was quoted in a Law Enforcement Today article about a woman who was accused of murdering her daughters.

According to Oberman, oftentimes women who commit filicide are “isolated in their motherhood” and suffer from mental health issues or previous trauma.

She said the mothers “may not have anyone to turn to for help and spend long hours alone with the children.” She also said, “The isolation of moving to a new place and the desperation that comes with having no money or job would only make matters worse.”

Oberman admitted that her drug addiction could have further aggravated the existing issues.

“Who would think it’s a good idea for a 22-year-old that’s new in town with a drug habit to be on her own with three kids all under the age of four?” Oberman asked. “That’s her job and it’s really hard, but she’s not trained for it. No one is trained for that.”