Linda Starr was quoted by the East Bay Times and Mercury News about possibilities for criminal justice reform with the next California Attorney General, now that former AG Xavier Becerra has taken a position in President Biden’s cabinet.

Becerra’s office has exerted influence on some crime-policy reforms, but the hallmark of his three-year tenure has been suing the Trump administration over its policies, led by immigration and environmental issues. For reform advocates like Linda Starr, co-founder of the Northern California Innocence Project at Santa Clara University, that’s evidence the attorney general can have huge influence in this realm if they so choose.

“Criminal-justice reform has not achieved the level of attention and commitment it deserves. They have the bully pulpit and they should seize it, and set the right tone,” she said. “The AG can choose legislation to support and choose legislation to oppose, and can work with local justice allies, groups like us, and be part of our coalition.”