Congratulations to Santa Clara University School of Law La Raza, Santa Clara law students,Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center and many lawyers and public officials who made the Bridge To Justice on February 19 a tremendous success. Together they:

  • Served over 250 families.
  • Brought community leaders including Council members, Board of Supervisors, the Chief of Police, the District Attorney, Assembly member, the Bishop and more together to share their commitment to all residents of Santa Clara County.
  • Provided one on one legal aid under the supervision of dedicated immigration attorneys and BIA representative to 32 persons who might otherwise not have received this kind of assistance.
  • Provided a space of learning and professional development to all of us law students.
  • Empowered our community with knowledge about Immigration Fraud, Know Your Rights and Family Readiness Plans.

Here is a picture of just some of the many individuals who made this day such a success. Together we are stronger!