Eric Goldman was quoted by the Daily Mail in an article about Trump tweeting his support for repealing Section 230 after Facebook removed a post by Trump and Twitter flagged it for violating rules after the president falsely claimed flu is more lethal than COVID-19. Professor Goldman’s blog was cited by PCWorld in an article about alleged anticompetitive behavior by Google in the online search market; he spoke to WNYC-FM about YouTube removing conspiracy theory content; and to KGO radio about Proposition 24, stating that there are a lot of reasons to be opposed to it but it all starts with an understanding that it’s an iteration of existing privacy law thats already on the books, The California Consumer Privacy Act. Professor Goldman also spoke to Eagle News of the Philippines about the U.S.’s antitrust lawsuit against Google, to ABC News on Section 230 in a widely re-printed article; to Gizmodo in an article about the Senate Republicans’ talking points on their Section 230 bill; to about a Senate hearing with the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter about how Section 230 has enabled “bad behavior” by Big Tech; and by MSN and Politico about how gig companies are opening the door to campaigning by app.

“Your services enable users to treat each other awfully. However, people also treat each other awfully in the offline world. What specific steps does/will your service take to reduce the quantum of awful behavior on your service so that it is lower than the offline baseline of awfulness?” — Eric Goldman, professor at Santa Clara University School of Law (from